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Dear Boss: The Letter We Should All Send (But Don't Dare)

If you're a Dilbert fan, you'll know that Dilbert's pointy haired boss is always coming up with hairbrained scheme to "improve" the company. Today, because SEO is allegedly "free," as is social media... many of us confront bosses who think we can just do free marketing without money . But free doesn't mean easy, and beyond the money budget , there's the time budget (or as I refer to it the blood, sweat, and tears budget ). Want to share this post? Simply copy / paste this URL ( ) or use one of the buttons below - Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Here's my draft letter to send to your pointy haired boss, if you have one. SUGGESTED INTERNET MARKETING LETTER TO BOSS Dear Boss, First of all, I want to thank you for barging into my office this afternoon while I was eating lunch at my desk, or as those of us who are Internet savvy call it, 'Sad Desk Lunc