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Google Wants to Hire an SEO (And It Reveals Some Things About Google)

Search Engine Land found something quite funny: Google has a hiring post out that it's looking to hire an "SEO expert."  Ha, ha, ha. This has been picked up by the media, ironically, as if Google doesn't understand its own algorithm, and need someone to "game the system" to get to the top of Google. Read the Google SEO Job Posting You can read it -   Search Engine Land: Google Is Hiring An SEO Manager To Improve Its Rankings In Google ( ) Program Manager, Search Engine Optimization (official Google job posting) ( ). Google (Still) Believes in Technical SEO! Humor, aside, if you read the job posting it tells you some interesting things about Google, or at least about the mindset about the person who brainstormed the job offer. First and foremost, the job offer is all about "technical SEO." Despite what Google has been telling the world (for years now), that you "just need to write good