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Amazon Giveaways and Social Media Marketing: Something New!

Amazon has a new program called aptly "Amazon Giveaways." Essentially - 

Brainstorm a reason WHY you want a Giveaway.  For example, use a giveaway contest as a way to "get followers" on Facebook or Twitter.Find a product on Amazon to "giveway" in exchange for an action.  You can use your own product if it's on Amazon!Set up the giveaway via Amazon, and you pay only for the product and shipping.Promote your giveaway on Social Media.
Amazon is making it "easy" to set up a giveaway promotion (and of course "easy" to sell more stuff via Amazon).

More Information on Amazon Giveaways
Here are links for more information - 

Amazon’s Newest Tool Lets Anyone Host Giveaways Online Amazon Giveaways (Official Amazon Page).Amazon Giveways on Twitter.  (Great way to see giveaways in action, and get ideas).Amazon Giveaway lets anyone run a sweepstakes and rack up Twitter followers