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Super Bowl Ads 2014: Tips to Be 'In the Know' at Monday's Water Cooler

Super Bowl XLVIII!  Football madness !  Who's gonna win?  The Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks? Who cares?!  It's the Super Bowl ads we're after (as marketers). Superbowl Ad Links: Preview Super Bowl Ads Use the links below to pre- or post-view Super Bowl ads, and be the hip, cool ad guru at Monday's water cooler huddle. YouTube Ad Blitz - YouTube's preview, watch, and vote extravaganza of all the best ads. The #1 recommended site to watch Super Bowl XLVIII ads, after the game. Hulu Ad Zone - Hulu's competitive site to YouTube with teasers and full ads of the Super Bowl.  ( Shhhh... right now, it's actually better than the official YouTube! ) Superbowl Commercials 2014 - another mega site that has teasers for Super Bowl ads.  NFL TB Super Bowl Ads - a playlist that will 'be populated' with the top commercials as they are released. To stay really up-to-date, just click here , which is a pre-built Google search for 'Super

Google Analytics Lost in Translation

Google Analytics , of course, is the powerful, free metrics tool provided by Google itself. But since all the smart user interface people work at Apple and all the English majors work at Facebook, the user interface and linguistics of Google Analytics need some translation. Here's my tongue-in-check explanation of the left column in Google Analytics, click around and read my translations on what these elements really mean. Google Analytics - (Un)Lost in Translation Google Analytics ~ Are we there yet? Who came to our party? Why did they come? What did they drink? Did they leave without paying? Demographics ~ Did old people visit our site? Men, women, children, or people from Florida? Interests ~ Really amazing stuff about your visitors, that if you enable with the nifty, updated tracking code you still won't really see, because Google Analytics ain't Facebook, people. Geo ~ Strange word in Google Analytics for what language your visitors speak, and their location, wh

Marketing FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt at Google, Bing, and Yelp

Today's marketing word is FUD , or Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt . According to Wikipedia, it was coined in 1975 by Gene Amdahl, a former IBM employee turned entrepreneur. So FUD has an illustrious history, and deep tech roots. Let's investigate some recent FUD examples in Internet marketing. FUD and Google, Bing, and Yelp Enter Google, Bing, and Yelp. As marketers today we often depend on one, or all, of these companies to interact with customers and generally "get the word out." All three have a free platform (e.g., SEO on Google and Bing, free listings on Yelp), and a paid platform, a.k.a. advertising.  And all three worry a lot about people "gaming" the system to get better free positions, and all three would really rather have us all just give up and advertise. FUD 's first letter, "F," could also stand for FOLLOW the money . Recently, Google, Bing, and Yelp have all engaged in a little FUD : sowing fear, uncertainty, and dou