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Revlon Love Test: What Goes Viral, and Why?

Deconstructing Love (and Viral Videos) I woke up this morning, checked something on YouTube and saw the big, bold red banner by Revlon the LOVE TEST: Watch the video - it's inspirational, moving, funny, provocative, and sexy. Read the comments on YouTube: the video is clearing touching people's hearts, not surprisingly as it speaks to the greatest enigma of the human experience: love. Here it is: Revlon Love Test: Choose Love Deconstructing ~ "Revlon: Love Test: Choose Love" OK, stop crying.   Let's be cynical marketers and deconstruct the video (which as of 6 am Pacific time / October 22, 2015 has 467,440 views - yes, it's " going viral "). What's going on here in terms of marketing?  What are Revlon's objectives?  And what are Revlon's methods? #1 - Revlon wants to sell more cosmetics . The subtext of the video is that if women take a little time each day, and use Revlon cosmetics, they will not only look

Google vs. Apple on the Open Web

Google : Penalize sites that promote apps. Apple : Encourage growth of apps to overwhelm the open Web Us : Caught in the middles Says the New York Times -  That situation has been made even harder by some recent moves by Apple and Google. Last month, Apple enabled ads to be blocked on mobile websites on iPhones and iPads, which threatened to hurt publishers that relied on such ads for revenue. And next month, Google will start penalizing websites that use pop-up screens to promote their apps by placing them lower in search engine results, a move that some have called “app blocking.”