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August 2013 MOZ Top Ten is Out - Top SEO Articles

I love Moz ! But sometimes it's just too much information. :-( They provide a wonderful "TOP TEN" report each week. Here's a link to the latest Moz Top 10 .  Among the articles for this week, here is my more focused list. A visual guide to keyword targeting . Excellent overview to "on page" optimization with some new aspects, namely authorship and social media linkages. A nice visual you can print out and give to your bloggers! How Gmail’s New Inbox Is Affecting Open Rates .  This is the WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? post about Gmail.  I have to chuckle on this one.  The left hand at Google (user experience) wasn't talking to the right hand (advertising! click thru rates!).  Who is going to pay much attention to a tab called PROMOTION? The 100 Best Free SEO Tools and Resources for Every Challenge - Interactive . As someone who produces a huge SEO Toolbook, this is a very important post. Some new tools I hadn't heard of here! Those are just my fa

Overoptimized Links and Press Release SEO: A New Controversy

Everyone who takes my classes on SEO understands that I am quite a proponent of SEO-friendly press releases using either a free service like or a paid service like (Vocus). Issuing frequent press releases can help your site climb to the top of Google in these ways: Fresh Content . Press releases create "fresh content" on your site, thereby signalling Google that your site is alive and well. It's akin to the sign on the door of a restaurant saying, "Here are today's specials!" Press releases and blog content create fresh, new content that tells Google (and humans) that you have new and exciting information to share. Inbound Links . In many cases, you can "embed" an "optimized link" into your press release, and many additional sites will run your press release exactly as it is written, including not using the "nofollow" attribute to Google... In SEO lingo, what this means is that many of your press releas

What Is Your Billboard? Thoughts on SEO Title and Meta Description Tags

Driving into San Francisco, today, to teach my class on Search Engine Optimization I noticed the billboards along the freeway.  Some big, some small.  Some familiar (McDonald's, Chevron), some not so much. There's an art to a good billboard. Catch their attention . Motorists are speeding by...  Busy, lost in their own thoughts.  You must catch their attention. Convey your value proposition . In an instant. Hungry? Here's McDonald's.  Need gas? Here's Chevron? Be memorable . A logo (McDonald's golden arches), a phrase (Alaska Airlines: You Just Get More). On the Internet highway - a.k.a. Google Search - your billboard is your SERP result. Your TITLE tag should catch their attention. Hey! Look at me! Your META DESCRIPTION (visible underneath your TITLE / HEADLINE on Google) should convey your value proposition. If you click here, you'll get {THIS}.  So please click! And then if / once they LAND you need to be memorable. Why should I remember