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Yahoo is for (Fire) Sale - Ha ha

Well, to show my "Internet age," I remember when Yahoo was on It's become the TITANIC of Internet companies, with sad Marissa Mayer at the helm (yikes, probably wishes she didn't take this job!). Here's BusinessWeek's expose -

Facebook Advertising: What I love & What I Hate

So, here it is 10:41 am on a Wednesday morning. I have a client who is doing Facebook advertising, and like many clients, is a) spending quite a bit of money, and b) very keen to know if the ads are working - reaching the right folks, running at the right time, and generating the results anticipated. Facebook advertising, like Google advertising, is complex. It is "powerful," in that you can do many amazing things with Facebook advertising. Why I love Facebook Advertising Here are a few reasons why I love Facebook advertising -  Targeting, targeting, targeting. Facebook knows a lot about its users, so you can target women vs. men, Bay Area people vs. folks in Tulsa, Oklahoma, lovers of the Oakland A's vs. lovers of the St. Louis cardinals, folks who like Whole Foods vs. folks who like Costco, etc., etc. Employee / Competitor targeting - you can even target people who WORK at a particular company (not to mention of course competitors and their "fans"