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Neuromarketing and the Pepsi Challenge

I have just concluded my Personal Branding class at Stanford.  The students - as usual - were fantastic.  I gain so much from my students at Stanford - I should PAY them for the privilege of teaching the course! Any way, one of my students ( Sonia Lopez Sanchez ), shared her project on Neuromarketing (of which) I am only vaguely aware.  So I looked it up on (where else?) Wikipedia. Here's some food for thought. In a study from the group of Read Montague published in 2004 in Neuron,[9] 67 people had their brains scanned while being given the "Pepsi Challenge", a blind taste test of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Half the subjects chose Pepsi, since Pepsi tended to produce a stronger response than Coke in their brain's ventromedial prefrontal cortex, a region thought to process feelings of reward . But when the subjects were told they were drinking Coke three-quarters said that Coke tasted better. Their brain activity had also changed. The lateral prefrontal cortex, an a

AdWords Preview Tool: Great for Mobile SEO Checkups!

If you are doing "Mobile SEO," you'd want to see whether your company shows up in mobile, and be able to vary things like your physical location and/or the type of device (iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, etc.). AdWords Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool Guess what?   Google AdWords ( ) has a tool called the Ad Preview Tool, and it does just that.  Here's how to get to it: Login to your AdWords account at .  You MUST have an account to use the tool - just set one up with a credit card (you do NOT have to spend money, you just have to have an account). On the top menu, click on the far right pull-down: Tools > Ad Preview & Diagnosis.  Here's a screenshot: Next, enter your target keyword phrase , and on the far left, select the mobile device you want to use.  Here's a screenshot: Now Even Better: a Realistic-Looking Phone Simulation! It gets better: Google is upgrading