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Instagram & Hyperlapse; a Social Network that Marketers Should Pay Attention To

OK, I get it. I wrote a headline that ended in a preposition. Shout out and apology to my High School English teacher Mrs. Kimrey: SORRY! But Instagram is here to stay, up and coming, and definitely a social network that we marketers should pay attention to (oops... sorry another preposition). Instagram has a new service out called Hyperlapse for video. Instagram Fun Some Instagram fun, first: Check out this time-lapse video of a woman's pregnancy journey . Short, sweet, tells a story. Oh, oops that's on VINE , Twitter's product. So what we mean is that short videos... can be very fun, powerful, interesting .  Funny short videos, marketers? Here's a short video on Instagram, by Rachelarich , who writes, My first #hyperlapse of this week's brilliant issue of @fabmagpics, out with @thesun on Sunday. The #selfiestick is sooooo last week So marketing TODO's for Instagram: Explore Instagram as a user. Set up an Instagram account for your busine

Google+ vs. Blogging: Which is better for promotion?

So with Google killing Google+ authorship , and the reality that most people use Twitter or Facebook for real social media activities... the question becomes:  WHAT IS GOOGLE+ FOR? Outside of Google+ Local, which is pretty successful, isn't the reality that few people use Google+?  So shouldn't anyone who uses Google+ (yours truly included) migrate to Facebook or Twitter?

Techtimidation: Another Disease of SEO and Social Media

Many marketers are not techies. And many techies are not marketing. Yet to succeed at Internet marketing - whether it's SEO, Social Media Marketing, or AdWords - you need three perspectives to work together: Marketing - you need the perspective of marketing , which tells you who your customer is, what they want, and positions what you offer in the way most likely to lead towards a sale. Web Design - you need a good-looking website , so when the potential customer lands there, he is "convinced" that your products or services are worthy buying, or at least pursuing. Web Programming - most websites need some technical functionality , such as a search engine, feedback form, or other technical aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) like XML sitemaps, meta tags, or structured data. To succeed, you need these three perspectives to work together. But, alas, they often  do not. One of the marketing diseases I often run into is called TECHTIMIDATION .   Tec