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Dog Training and SEO: Yes, They Are Similar!

We have a new dog in our house: Buddy.  Buddy is a 12-week-old black Labrador retriever.  Buddy is busy trying to teach us who is the "top dog" in our house, and we are busy trying to catch up to Buddy's intelligence level.  It's a bit of a struggle, and it's a lot of fun. I do SEO.  (You know that if you're reading this).  And I teach SEO. So I am always looking at life from the perspective of a teacher.  And there is nothing better than trying to train a puppy to teach you a lot about learning, and training, and understanding, and behavior. Your Website is Your Dog You are you. Your website is your dog. You might be unsatisfied with your website right now.  Perhaps it doesn't rank on the top of Google.  Perhaps it does, but it gets clicks but no conversions.   You need to "train" your website, and you need to "train" Google. They both have minds of their own. SQUIRREL.   And they're gone.  You have to "learn&

Why Testimonials are Stupid (For SEO).

You say TomAYto.  I say TomAAAHto.  Who cares?  Google cares. You put on your website: Testimonials about Our Company People search for Reviews About Your Company Who cares?  Google cares. Many, many, many, many more searches of  "reviews of" company so and so vs. "testimonials" about company so and so (See screenshot below) YET - most companies have a TESTIMONIAL page TITLED TESTIMONIALS when they should have a REVIEW page TITLED Reviews. You gotta speak / write / think like a customer.  Not like a marketer.

Facebook Organic Reach - Dying a Long, Painful, Disillusioning Death

RANT about Facebook Organic Reach and Facebook Pages. (NOTE: I do not necessarily believe ALL of this... but I do believe some of it.  And clearly the disillusionment with Facebook by marketers is coming on strong). Facebook's Early Years Remember Facebook's early years? As a marketer, you would encourage your customers to "like" you on Facebook, so that you could "stay in contact" with them. You'd use Facebook to alert them to special offers, tips and tidbits, and they'd interact with your Facebook page - all for free. Sure, you'd throw in the occasional BUY MY STUFF post but 88% of it was just pure interesting, build a community. The Death of Organic Reach on Facebook Well, my friend: THOSE DAYS ARE GONE. FACEBOOK ORGANIC REACH IS NEARLY DEAD. Facebook is clearly out to make money - nothing wrong with that.  More and more, the ONLY posts that show in one's newsfeed are those from friends and family.  Plus some ads.