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Facebook Ads On "Hot Topics"

Looks like Facebook has "got the memo" from the government about political ads - 

Shameless Plug for The Password Book

I have a new book out entitled, The Password Book . Allow me to speak candidly about one of the tensions in our world of technology. As people who know me, or who have taken a course from me know, my favorite saying is by Voltaire, " The perfect is the enemy of the good ." Voltaire is explaining (in case you don't get it), that if you have an image of a "perfect" husband or "perfect" wife (for example), that image of "the perfect" will make you very unhappy vs. your otherwise "pretty good" husband or wife. You'll be unhappy, and you'll communicate that unhappiness to your spouse. Your "real" spouse can never live up to the "perfect" spouse, and they will always fall short. Internet Security and Password Books So it goes with Internet security. Yes we should all have ten digit passwords that include both a capital and lower case letter, a number, random letters, and of course (who could forget)

Google Needs Work

So If You Search SEO on Amazon - You Have a Couple of Choices

Apparently "SEO" is a common name in Korea. So if you search SEO on Amazon, you sometimes have to make a choice as to which SEO you're looking for -  Click to view image FULL size!

Social Media Marketing Book - Yes, It Can Be Relaxing!

Google Webmaster Tools and Street Signs

What is it about Google Webmaster tools and verification? It's always 'Select all the squares with street signs.' Not very original, Google.

Humor on Facebook? Use Market Research First