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Google's Manual Penalties

Just in case you want to be paranoid. Read how Google penalizes what it sees as evil-doers. North Korea just called.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What Makes a Website Trustworthy to Google?

Google search quality guidelines. The humans have spoken as to what makes a website SEO 'trustworthy!'

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Google AdWords Quality Score - Some Tips from Google

Google #AdWords quality score. Some tips from Google on writing better ads. (Take with a grain of salt, however).

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Google's Self-Driving Cars Learn to Honk

Google teaches it's self-driving cars to honk. Next up, they'll revisit Google Local and fix that interface.

Monday, May 30, 2016

LinkedIn Pulse: Publish or Perish?

LinkedIn Pulse - publishing to it is definitely a plus, if your customers are on LinkedIn.

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Yahoo is for (Fire) Sale - Ha ha

Well, to show my "Internet age," I remember when Yahoo was on It's become the TITANIC of Internet companies, with sad Marissa Mayer at the helm (yikes, probably wishes she didn't take this job!). Here's BusinessWeek's expose -

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Facebook Advertising: What I love & What I Hate

So, here it is 10:41 am on a Wednesday morning. I have a client who is doing Facebook advertising, and like many clients, is a) spending quite a bit of money, and b) very keen to know if the ads are working - reaching the right folks, running at the right time, and generating the results anticipated.
Facebook advertising, like Google advertising, is complex. It is "powerful," in that you can do many amazing things with Facebook advertising.

Why I love Facebook Advertising

Here are a few reasons why I love Facebook advertising - 

  • Targeting, targeting, targeting. Facebook knows a lot about its users, so you can target women vs. men, Bay Area people vs. folks in Tulsa, Oklahoma, lovers of the Oakland A's vs. lovers of the St. Louis cardinals, folks who like Whole Foods vs. folks who like Costco, etc., etc.
  • Employee / Competitor targeting - you can even target people who WORK at a particular company (not to mention of course competitors and their "fans" on Facebook) or folks who LIKE your competitor's Page on Facebook. Steal some employees or customers, anyone?
  • Browse, browse, browse - people are in "browse" mode on Facebook, so you can get them when they are not pro-actively looking (vs. on Google), which is great for new products, novel products, etc. Plus they can SHARE your ads, meaning ads can get a share/ viral lift.

Yeah Facebook!  It's advertising system is great!!!!!!

Why I Hate Facebook Tech Support

However, Facebook - a multi-BILLION dollar company - founded on ADVERTISING treats its advertisers like proverbial poop. How so? Here are some reasons why I hate Facebook tech support:

  • No phone number. Zero, zilch, nada. You can NOT call into Facebook and talk with a real person (or at least not easily). I mean really Facebook - you are too CHEAP to hire people to answer the phone and help your CUSTOMERS??????????
  • Not the brightest bulbs in the box. Those that work in the "chat" department do not seem to be very smart, or at least not very well informed on how Facebook ads work, so their "help" is worth little more than the really pathetic Facebook advertising help files.
  • Time, time, time.  I am literally writing this WHILE CHATTING with a Facebook advertising tech support rep.  He / she is sooooooooo slow to respond that can a) write a blog post, b) update myself on news around the world, c) cut my toenails, d) watch my tomatoes grow, e) play with my dog outside, check the chat message, go outside, play with my dog again, check the chat message. (A 10 minute phone call becomes a 50 minute chat session).

So, in conclusion, Facebook ads are very powerful, and can do many, many wonderful things for your marketing. But Facebook in its no good, horrible, what's totally wrong with American corporations these days way has clearly "outsourced" their tech support to fill-in-the-blank Third World country, and is too cheap to actually hire people to actually answer the phone and help you.

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: Score One for Facebook

Google did this for a while, too, and then finally wised up to the fact that even a quasi-monopoly like Google or Facebook could do a lot better than to treat their CUSTOMERS like poo-poo. Get a phone Facebook get a phone!

(Oh and yes, I am getting an image, posting this to LinkedIn Pulse, cross-posting to my blog, and sharing on Social Media... all while STILL chatting with a very very very very very very sloooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww rep at Facebook tech support).

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Integrated Marketing Analytics: the Google Study

Integrated marketing analytics.  Here's some propaganda, oops I mean an article, by Google.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Customer Service at Bing or Lack Thereof

Just spoke with Bing technical support.  Where do we start on my wish list? Let's start with last names and phone numbers at Bing advertising support.

  1. Wouldn't it be wonderful if people who worked at big companies had last names? Where do they find all these people who are just like Cher or Adele? No one has a last name, which makes them tough to find when you need to follow up (and don't want to have to explain, again, what your issue is).
  2. Wouldn't it be wonderful if people who worked at big companies had their own phone number? If Bing would swing for a phone system, then you or I could actually call these people back, directly, as opposed to having to email them first and then have them call us.
Those are the technical issues that would make our life so much better vis-a-vis Bing. Of course, it's not just Bing. It's most large companies - including Credit Card companies - where employees a) lack last names, and b) lack phone numbers. I believe it is the same at Google AdWords, and I know it is the same at Chase and Bank of America.

No wonder corporate America is suffering!

Let's all chip in and see if we can at least help Corporate America afford phone numbers for their employees in customer service and tech support. And, let's all begin a letter-writing campaign to Cher and Adele asking them to give out their last names, or at least stop being role models for the people who work in call centers.

I get the fact that I shouldn't be able to call Adele directly. But the fact that I can't call Christopher at Bing technical support directly is pretty bizarre. And he doesn't have a last name - so if he were to fall in love with my daughter, and get married, I guess he could take her last name. Christopher McDonald, it has a nice ring to it (but then I think he'd have to quit his job at Bing where they only hire people like Cher or Adele).

Who knows? Hello. It's me. Hello from the other side, Bing - the side where people have last names, and phone numbers, and believe that a company should make it easy for a customer to follow up on a technical issue.

Twitter Advanced Search - Who Knew?

Twitter Advanced Search - Search to see what others are saying about topics relevant and your interests.

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Bing Divorces Yahoo, Yahoo Divorces Bing (for Ads)

So when two poor folks get divorced, does it matter? Yahoo and Microsoft / Bing are breaking up (it's hard to do).

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Duplicate Content is It Ok or Just Fine to Have Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content on the same site with duplicate content for SEO and search engine optimization is it OK or just fine?

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Twitter Marketing - The Times They are A'changin

Twitter is changing, and took away 'share counts.' Now what to do? #hashtagtotallyconfused

Bye Bye Right Hand Ads on Google

Bye bye right hand Google ads; hello worldwide fight 4 positions 1-3; hello to uptick in CPC. Conspiracy?

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SEO Certification from Google

SEO certification from Google. Ain't gonna happen. One reason: uh, they don't make money on SEO.

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Motivation Porn, Listcicles, and Click Bait: Just Stop Please

Quit 'motivation porn' - you gotta read this article. I am so sick of listcicles and click bait, aren't you?

Link Building Tips for Local Search Engine Optimization

Local #SEO link building tips. More on local - it's oh so hot right now for search engine optimization nerds.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Link Building and SEO - It Never Ever Ever Dies

Link building and #SEO - it never ever ever ever ever ever dies.

Trivia: Did You Know That Locksmiths Have a Fakery Problem?

Trivia time. Did you know that locksmiths have a special fakery problem on Google?

How to Do a Quickie Local SEO Audit

On Page and Off Page and Local #SEO Audit. A Quickie Tippie.

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Local SEO Quiz - Nerd Alert!

Local #SEO quiz by Moz. Nerd alert: it's super fun to test your local SEO knowledge.

Better SEO Blogging - Some Tips

Tips on better blogging (and content marketing).

Monday, February 1, 2016

Link Building: It Never Dies

Link building - like Rock and Roll it never dies (and you never stop learning).

Sunday, January 31, 2016

#SEO Bestsellers on Amazon. Aw shucks. SEO Fitness Workbook is on the list.

Friday, January 8, 2016

AdWords Minimum Bids: Lies, Disceptions and Misinformation

If you are an AdWords advertiser, you may quickly realize that "riches are in the niches," meaning that if you find really wonderful, relevant keywords that match what you sell with what customers want, these will generate high click thru rates, high conversion rates, and ultimately high sales.


However, Daddy Google has some bad news for you: minimum bids. You can have a wonderful, highly relevant ad on a wonderful, highly relevant keyword with all your "quality score" ducks in a row in terms of Google... In fact, you might be the ONLY advertiser on that keyword, and have a click thru rate upwards of 10%, and yet

Minimum Bids

Google will automatically set the minimum bid for a keyword to some pretty high numbers. I have seen upwards of $20.00 for the CPC on bids for which everything is in alignment, and the quality score is fantastic...


Clearly "behind the scenes" Google has some algorithm to cost you A LOT of money thru it's minimum bids.  (And of course you can't see what the true minimum bids are (and I am NOT talking about the nonsense you'll see in the Keyword Planner).

The Good News

However, I have found that if you systematically lower your bid... you can squeeze Google down to a more reasonable price.  So notch it down by 50 cents or less over a few weeks, and you can discover what the true minimum bid is: the least you have to pay for your ad to show reliably.

Here's the propaganda about "minimum bids" from Google - it's only a half truth - here.

And here's Wikipedia about "monopoly pricing" and "monopoly rents."

Is Google a monopoly? You decide: if it looks like a duck, and acts like a duck...

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Network Solutions Fail

That pathetically sad moment when a major Internet registrar has a website fail. Guess it happens to everyone. #Networksolutionsfail