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Yelp Matters (A Lot More Than You Think) for Your Small (Local) Business | Share This List

Yelp ( ), of course, is one of the largest local "yellow page" systems on the Web. Consumers use Yelp to find local businesses - restaurants and bars, plumbers and hair stylists, even marriage counselors and attorneys. Powered by the largest (and most enthusiastic) local review community on the Web, if your business is local, then you should be using Yelp for your Internet marketing !   Here's a TODO list to hand off to whoever is in charge of local marketing. Email this TODO list to your marketing team member(s) and have them check off the items on the list as indicated by:   TODO :   Done: ❐ Not Done: ❐ Other: ❐ _______________ Want to SHARE THIS LIST ?   Copy / paste this short link into an email:   Or use the social share icons below: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest     YELP MATTERS: A TODO LIST   #1 - Determine if Yelp Matters to Your Business

Facebook Page Reach & Algorithm Changes: Some Thoughts

If you are a Facebook marketer, you probably know by now that in the last few months Facebook seems to have pretty dramatically changed its algorithm. Your "page reach" may have declined substantially. What you used to get "for free," Facebook seems to be wanting you to "pay for" via advertising, "boosts" to your posts, etc. What's Going On? Big Picture Thoughts What's going on is the same game that has been played since the Internet began. First, a new marketing vehicle (Google, blogging, MySpace, email marketing) comes along. It's great! It's free! The users are not that sophisticated and the companies that produce it "give away" their product, including "free advertising" to participating companies. Think Google in its early days; think the Display Network on Google, think of email marketing in 1995. Next, everyone swamps into the "new" thing.  Third, the company or companies that produce it