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Amazon Giveaways and Social Media Marketing: Something New!

Amazon has a new program called aptly " Amazon Giveaway s." Essentially -  Brainstorm a reason WHY you want a Giveaway.  For example, use a giveaway contest as a way to "get followers" on Facebook or Twitter. Find a product on Amazon to "giveway" in exchange for an action.  You can use your own product if it's on Amazon! Set up the giveaway via Amazon , and you pay only for the product and shipping. Promote your giveaway on Social Media. Amazon is making it "easy" to set up a giveaway promotion (and of course "easy" to sell more stuff via Amazon). More Information on Amazon Giveaways Here are links for more information -  Amazon’s Newest Tool Lets Anyone Host Giveaways Online Amazon Giveaways (Official Amazon Page). Amazon Giveways on Twitter .  (Great way to see giveaways in action, and get ideas). Amazon Giveaway lets anyone run a sweepstakes and rack up Twitter followers