Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl Ads 2014: Tips to Be 'In the Know' at Monday's Water Cooler

Super Bowl XLVIII!  Football madness!  Who's gonna win?  The Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks?

Who cares?!  It's the Super Bowl ads we're after (as marketers).

Super Bowl Ads 2014

Superbowl Ad Links: Preview Super Bowl Ads

Use the links below to pre- or post-view Super Bowl ads, and be the hip, cool ad guru at Monday's water cooler huddle.
  • YouTube Ad Blitz - YouTube's preview, watch, and vote extravaganza of all the best ads. The #1 recommended site to watch Super Bowl XLVIII ads, after the game.
  • Hulu Ad Zone - Hulu's competitive site to YouTube with teasers and full ads of the Super Bowl.  (Shhhh... right now, it's actually better than the official YouTube!)
  • Superbowl Commercials 2014 - another mega site that has teasers for Super Bowl ads. 
  • NFL TB Super Bowl Ads - a playlist that will 'be populated' with the top commercials as they are released.
To stay really up-to-date, just click here, which is a pre-built Google search for 'Super Bowl Ads,' stuff found by Google in the last week.

Need to pretend like you understand football? The official website is here, and here's a nifty Superbowl Trivia video, which has a fun 'game' of trivia to pre-educate yourself for those all-important water cooler conversations.

Need to understand Social Media? We have a class for that, here.