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Best Super Bowl 2014 Commercials List - Best Best Best (Well Sort of)

Ok, the Bowl is over and according to Google's knowledge graph... the Baltimore Ravens won!  Oh, oops, Google is a little behind the times as of 10 pm Eastern time... So go Broncos!  Oh, oops!  Yeah Seattle!

Best Superbowl Ads and Commercials 2014
Who cares?  It's all about the ads, isn't it? Well, there were over 50 ads, many of which were BORING. So, to save you time, here are just the best ads from the game, which you can call view on Hulu for free.

Best Super Bowl Ads 2014 (Jason's List)

  • Dannan Oikos - somewhat NSFW but hilarious:
  • Kia - funny IF you are a MATRIX fan
  • Turbo Tax: Love hurts: mockery of the Super Bowl for all the non-winnners, and then a plug for their free tax software:
  • Honda Hug Someone, Bruce Willis does hugs
  • Sony Crackle Seinfield - Of Course it's funny - it's SEINFIELD!!!
  • Coca Cola America: Coke celebrates the diversity of America
  • Peanut Butter Meets Chocolote and they get a bit crazy (in an adult sort of way)

Watch All the Best Super Bowl Ads, 2014


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