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Free Webinar: Top Ten Free Tools for SEO

Free Webinar on SEO Top Ten Free ToolsYou're invited to our FREE webinar on the 'Top Ten Free Tools for SEO.' Show up to laugh and learn how to get your business to the top of Google, for free, using free tools.  All attendees get a copy of the SEO Toolbook, with hundreds of free tools.

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  • Thursday, 2/13/2014 at 9:30 am Pacific | 12:30 pm Eastern - REGISTER.
  • Friday, 3/21/204 at 9:30 am Pacific | 12:30 pm Eastern - REGISTER.

Learn more about the JM Internet Group, here or call 510-713-2150.


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Link sculpting in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to cross-linking pages to each other around keyword phrases. Here's an example from focused on "cat insurance quote"

Conflation: To Blend or Confuse (Perhaps with the Purpose of Misleading Someone)

There's inflation (to get bigger) and conflation (to bring together). You may have heard people say something like "she's muddying the waters," evoking the idea of someone stirring up the dirt so you can't tell where the water begins and the dirt ends. Or two rivers coming together like the mighty Rio Solimoes (the Amazon) and the Rio Negro.

In arguments, conflation is used when you try to point out to your opponent (or audience) that the thinker is taking one thing and confusing it or muddling it up with another. An example might be something like:

Hitler was a terrible person. He was really immoral.

Hitler believed that the world was round.

The world can't be round, because Hitler was immoral.

Oops, you're conflating Hitler's moral character (or lack thereof), with a statement of truth or falsehood; whether the world is flat or not. We're conflating two separate logical concepts. The world either is, or is not flat, independent of Hitler's moral …

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