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Tag You're It: Quizzing Yourself on Tags

Tags matter. And not just because of "tag, you're it!" To anyone who does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and/or blogging tags matter (a lot). In this Marketing Motivator, I want to remind you of the importance of tags and then help you with tag todos.

HTML Tags and SEO

HTML Tags and SEO
Tags matter a great deal in so-called "on page" SEO, because Google and Bing both prioritize content based on whether the keywords in a given blog post or web page "match" the search query. If, for example, you want to show up for a search for "organic baby food," your best "on page" SEO tactic is to weave the phrase "organic baby food" into the primary tags.

I use the analogy that the HTML tags are to SEO what poker cards are to poker. Therefore:

Title Ace
H1 / Header King / Face Card
A HREF Queen / Face Card
IMG ALT Jack / Face Card

Therefore, just as if you were playing poker, you'd need to prioritize your cards based on your value. And don't forget to write keyword-heavy text that is both friendly to humans (natural syntax) and friendly to search engines (keyword heavy, not too much but not too little).

WordPress Tags

To confuse matters, WordPress and other blogging platforms also have tags. But in WordPress a tag refers to a "keyword" that you attach to a blog post. By tagging your posts in WordPress according to your keyword themes, you are sending a powerful signal to Google about what your blog is about.

So WordPress tags and HTML tags are conceptually different, but both can help with your "on page" SEO.

Tag Todos

So for your Marketing Motivator TODOs:

  1. Find a page on your website that you want to get to the top of a Google search.
  2. Review the tags in priority order, starting with the TITLE tag.
  3. Create a list of "before" and "after" tags, and revise the tag structure of the page to be a stronger communicative signal to Google.
  4. Update your page tags as well as your page content
 After you update, wait a few weeks, and see if Google has reindexed your content, and if you improved in your rank on Google. (Don't forget how important "off page" SEO is, of course).


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