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AMA (Ask Me Anything) via Reddit and John Malkovich: Marketing Authenticity

Reddit, of course, is one of the original social news sites. People vote "up" articles and Reddit acts as a sort of crowdsourced news reader.  Much of Reddit can be very dumb, and very pop culture-ish but sometimes it is amazing. For example, their: Ask Me Anything series.

Ask Me Anything is an example of marketing authenticity. Authentic, interesting interactions between people of all types. It's becoming very popular among actors and pop stars, and can teach us a thing or two about marketing buzz and about how authentic sells in the new world of Internet marketing.

Ask Me Anything on Reddit

Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit and Internet Marketing
The AMA series gets real people to ask usually famous people, anything. What's cool is that it often creates an authentic dialogue between a famous person and real folk like you and me. Here's an example from John Malkovich, who has to be one of my favorite actors. Being John Malkovich is an awesome movie BTW.

  • Read the AMA by John Malkovich, here.
  • View his "Proof in Advance," here.
  • Watch his YouTube Thank You, here.
You can view a list of all the AMA's on Reddit here.

What Reddit's AMA's Teach Marketers

Reddit and John Malkovich are teaming up to create buzz for their brand and create an authentic interchange with fans. You and your brand may not be quite so famous, but it's certainly instructive to think about how you can nurture real, authentic dialogue between you and fans whether via a Reddit AMA or some other technique.

Postscript - John Malkovich is Just Cool

Malkovich ends his AMA this way:

ok everyone. i have to take off now. it was very enjoyable not having the media filter. thank you for your questions and comments. funny or bright or sincere and even hateful. take care. maybe see you someday. 

I love his thick skin.  He's just cool, which makes him authentic and interesting as an actor.

What can you do that's authentic and interesting for your own brand?

- Jason McDonald
Jason McDonald is director of the JM Internet Group, a leader in online SEO and Social Media training. Reach out to Jason via the links at the top of this blog.


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