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Metrics, Goals, and Transactional Keywords: Define Them!

Goals matter! Not just on websites, but in life itself. Remember that annoying question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Adults were asking you then about your goals. Now, there are many twists and turns on this road of life, but still goals matter. The same goes for SEO and Social Media: what are your goals?

Are they:

  • Brand buzz - generating positive buzz about your business or organization?
  • Direct sales - do you sell something on your website?
  • Sales leads - is your sales process necessarily complex, and therefore your sales staff "follows up" with prospects by email or phone?  Perhaps even in person?
And then how does your website, Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube channel... you name it impact your goal(s)? If you rank on Google do you rank for the "right" keywords? And are you getting traffic from Google, and is that traffic converting?

Or, looking at the issue in terms of social media marketing, do you have many "likes" on Facebook? If so, do they "matter"? Will they "buy your stuff" eventually if not now? Or are they just fake friends, who "liked" your page because you gave something away, but ultimately won't ever really convert into anything serious?

Metrics Matter: Rankings on Google, Likes on Facebook, Landings on Web Pages, and Ultimately Conversions

Have you thought through your metrics?  If not, why not? Get started!


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