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Personal Reputation Management: What Do You Think?

Tom Peter's published one of my favorite articles on personal branding called "The Brand Called You."  It's an evergreen piece about personal branding, written at the dawn of the Internet age. He makes the basic point that no one cares about you and your personal brand, like you do, and that in this day and age of many careers and a very tough job market, each of us would do well to think about our "personal brand."

Personal Brand Management
This goes not just for you as an employee, but it might also go for your boss or CEO. Many large companies (think Apple or the Menswearhouse) have had (or still do have) very public CEOs. Larry Ellison of Oracle comes to mind as a not-so-nice example of the personal brand of the CEO vs. the desired brand of the corporation.

I will be teaching a course at Stanford Continuing Studies this Fall on "personal branding" and so I am thinking very hard (and systematically) about "personal branding" and the "brand called you."

Any thoughts?


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