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Facebook Organic Reach - Dying a Long, Painful, Disillusioning Death

RANT about Facebook Organic Reach and Facebook Pages.

(NOTE: I do not necessarily believe ALL of this... but I do believe some of it.  And clearly the disillusionment with Facebook by marketers is coming on strong).

Facebook's Early Years

Facebook Organic Reach
Remember Facebook's early years? As a marketer, you would encourage your customers to "like" you on Facebook, so that you could "stay in contact" with them. You'd use Facebook to alert them to special offers, tips and tidbits, and they'd interact with your Facebook page - all for free. Sure, you'd throw in the occasional BUY MY STUFF post but 88% of it was just pure interesting, build a community.

The Death of Organic Reach on Facebook

Well, my friend:



Facebook is clearly out to make money - nothing wrong with that.  More and more, the ONLY posts that show in one's newsfeed are those from friends and family.  Plus some ads.  But zero, zilch, nada or nearly nothing from "pages."  In fact, as an individual you literally have to click OVER to Pages that interest you to see things.

It's as if Facebook doesn't like Pages any more.

Facebook's Truly Evil Idea: Bait and Switch Zuckerburg-style

It's as if Facebook did a BAIT AND SWITCH -

Hey, marketers!  Help us build Facebook - ask, encourage, cajole, beg, motivate your customers to LIKE your pages.  Then, we'll stop showing your pages, and you can advertise to reach YOUR OWN customers.  And - to make matters even more ghastly, we'll SELL your CUSTOMERS to your competitors, who can target customers who LIKE your page.

Wow.  Thanks Facebook.  FOR NOTHING.

~ Sincerely, 

Every Marketer Who Helped You Build Facebook
And Now Must PAY to reach his own CUSTOMERS.

Note to Self

Note to self: re-build email list, which was left abandoned and stagnant during the "Golden years" of social media.

  • Listen to - Marketplace's article on the death of Facebook Organic Reach, here.

What do you think?  Do you think Facebook organic reach is 

  1. Dead?
  2. Dying?
  3. Always a scam, just a bait-and-switch scam that was inevitable?
  4. None of the above.
  5. Problem?  What problem?  We love organic Facebook.


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